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Friday, February 10, 2006

It's Frag Friday!!

My headline reminds me of the Unreal Tournament 99(UT 99) days when the writers of MacAddict magazine would play UT 99 with their readers. MacAddict had it's own clan [MA], and the server was packed everyday with good players like HellSpawn, Caveman, MoofMeal, Candyman, NoX, and even my son Driven. It was a blast! A time when there was no aimbots (atleast not on that server), guys where civil, and it was all about having fun.

It's sad to see now how the aimbotting, bad additudes and fowl mouths has grown. Some players want servers and admins to be like burger king and "have it my way". All they wanna do is bitch about the server or admins when they (the player) do dumb shit like camp, use aliases, stand around and bitch about other players instead of playing the game.

Some players now a days wanna stand in a corner and bitch while taking a spot that a player wanting to play could be using. There are some "good" players out there that wanna whine when told to use a nick. I ask you why not use your real nick you would use on TeamWarfare League™ (TWL)?, I only see one reason, so they wanna alias, do B.S. stuff on servers, say it was not them because most players don't wanna stop, type "mutate antitcc whois (persons nick) " during a match to find out who the player is. So when they get kicked, (because I do take the time) they bitch.

They want to be able to camp spawning spots or weapon spots near where a person spawns so they can get a easy kill then bitch when they get told to stop or get kicked. Then try and rally people behind there bullshit cause who most likely did not see what happend or where kicked themselfs for pulling the same crap.

There are some players who have made botting a art by being able to turn it on or off at will. So because nobody likes multiple checks during the game because it can delay you from preventing a cap in capture the flag (CTF), the checks are only in the beginning and in the end of the game leaving a match open for presistant haxor botter.

Me for the most part am a thick skin and forgiving person, most people first get kicked or get banned for a day. but I can also be the biggest hard ass if pushed too far. So it's always in a players best intrest not to mouth off to any admin on any server if you want to continue playing on that server. And to talk about hacking a server:

Pipo:Heres the to do list:
hax darkside killing it for a week
have everyone go play on aua
bann all the trash that should've stayed on darkside

just because you don't like the rules just proves how childish some players have become. So far there are only 3 people banned from the Darkside server I admin on, and one of those may be a mistake and may be unbanned soon. So the player who's nick is "Cafe'" needs to stop with the lies:

Quote from: emc.johnnie on Feb 09, 2006, 05:23 pm
who got banned that a thread was made?

cafe':Well obviously I did, as well as 6 other people in one fucking day. Hes a bad admin and seems to have total confidence in his playing ability, because to him everyone is a cheater.

I have seen a lot of very good players (Esco, Zipknob, Candyman, RIP, etc) I have speced them and played against them as well, they make some eye opening shots and moves, but I never called them cheaters. So all the BS talk "because to him everyone is a cheater" is the bullshit you talk to get people to back up your lies. I hear some people say "I know that player does not cheat". Well I say half you guys don't know whether you best friend eats pussy or sucks dick! So if you don't know what's in a players .ini file... shut the fuck up!!

I'm sorry the AUA server is not full a lot, but I would guess when and if it does on a constant basis your admin zach will find out how much of a problem some players who don't even pay for the server can be.

I remember guys bitching about paragon's server when he had his rules, calling him "hitler". Some people like I said wanna be childish and have things "there way". Sorry life is just not that way and if you don't pay for the server, your Shit Out of Luck(SOL). But sorry, when a player comes in gets over 200 kills, a plus net of 75, in less than 20 minutes match, on a non-spammy map I get suspicious. Sorry I'm from N.Y.C. that's just how I am.

I also always find it intresting when I see such good players unwilling to mix teams up to make a match more enjoyable. That's one of the points of trying to get players to use their real nicks, and players using good sportsmenship in the match willing to change teams to make a match more enjoyable. Reather then having one sided beat downs.

The game was made to have fun, not to boost you personal ego, and give other players a hard time. That's why I miss the MacAddict [MA] and Cains Lair {CLR}UT servers. Good players with the attidude the game was ment to be played in.

Me, I'm just a admin trying to make the game fun for everyone.

This Rant was brought to you by {RA}CG5Addict which got it's start from Cafe's post found here. Ah, the internet, the place some guys like (Pipo, Cafe', and VipaDawg) can talk shit and not worry about a 6'3" 245 pound Puerto Ricen knocking at there door.

/end rant

Anyway, for those good players who want to play on a good server...
Come to The Darkside. (
Frag on Baby!!


  • At 2/10/2006 11:24:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Those guys are pathetic morons dude wtf, especially that retard called "pipo", only read his messages in forums, in game...xDD, but in general this ctf community is a freak show lmao

  • At 2/10/2006 02:11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hehe, well said!

  • At 5/22/2014 08:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    is frag fridays going to happen for ut4 also? is frag fridays for ut99 and 2k3 and 2k4 and ut3 also?


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