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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

MacBook Pros on the Way!!

Apple today announced they will be shipping Macbok pro's next week! But as a added bonus they will get a speed bump at no extra cost. The specs on the MacBook Pros go from 1.67GHz and 1.83GHz to 1.83GHz for the low-end and 2.0GHz for the high-end model. You can also have a build-to-order MacBook pro with a processor as fast as 2.16 GHz .

So that means that everybody's orders will automatically be upgraded to the higher specs.

In addition to being able to upgrade the processor as a build-to-order option, customers can also upgrade to several other components including a 120GB (5400 rpm) or a 100GB (7200 rpm) hard drive. the can also get up to 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, and a Apple USB modem. Also if you buying a MacBook Pro, make sure to get the AppleCare Protection Plan, it's worth the money.

Some think they can resist from buying a Mac. But in the end you know you want one. Shoot advertisers like Macs so much they are willing to pay someone to show a powerbook with a windows OS on it.

Or just plan altering the computer itself, like this iBook with only one USB connection on the left side

*pics from

But with the possibilty of seeing a quad-core chip, (codenamed Tigerton) in a Intel-based Mac Tower would make anybody drool. So far Intel CTO Justin Rattner told reporters on Friday that Intel will release a quad-core chip (codenamed Clovertown) which will also be manufacturered on a 65-nanometer processes, in early 2007 -- possibly starting revenue shipments as early as late 2006.

Things like this can make windows user do a double take and consider more towards buying a Mac. I mean you already love your iPod, This New York Times writer was willing to take his chances with death to get his iPod back. Some people are willing to go this far. Guys will go further if they have Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue on their video abled iPod. You will be able to get any of the eight specially produced videos from the iTunes music store for $1.99 each. Or even download content to a cellphone.

Since I mentioned phones, let me mention the release I'm sure you all have seen the ad on TV about, the new Motorola SLVR L7.
You can get your hands on the latest motorola phone with iTunes for the price of $200 plus a two-year contract. Jim Puls of The Tartan online (carnegie Mellon's student newspaper) says:
"For an incredibly slick gadget, though, there are some shortcomings. First and foremost is the ridiculously slow speed of music transfers. The phone uses USB 1.1, a standard at least five years out of date, and it’s limited to 12 megabits per second. Transferring 100 songs — an already small number by most standards — takes nearly an hour, compared to two to three minutes on a real iPod... A second shortcoming is the lack of integration between the iTunes player on the phone and the rest of the phone’s software. iTunes is, very literally, an add-on program to this phone."

"People who want a nice phone that can secondly play small amounts of music, however, will find it hard to go wrong with the SLVR L7. This phone, despite its shortcomings, adds very nice functionality to an almost unbeatable physical form,"

Too bad the SLVR costs as much as a 30 gig iPod (without a contract) and gets you a rather lackluster iTunes experience. Even iLounge gives the SLVR a B-, saying:
"Pros: An aesthetically sleek and thin combination of wireless phone and 512MB iTunes music player that boasts better-than-average battery life, and in-call performance. Like its predecessor ROKR E1, plays back MP3 or AAC tracks without complaint, offers partial Bluetooth compatibility, an integrated camera and limited data features. Played music for more than 20 continuous hours in our testing.

Cons: Other than phone’s much-improved body, there’s nothing new here: its software looks and feels almost identical to what came with Motorola’s phones two years ago. iTunes experience continues to suffer by comparison with all screened iPods (including $149 models) on many levels, including slow/poor features, interface, file transfer speeds and equalization. Storage is artificially capped at 100 songs regardless of their actual size - fewer than any iPod, including shuffle - though the phone costs as much as a 30GB iPod unless you simultaneously commit to a phone contract. "

You see everybody wants a piece of Apple's music program( music store, mp3 players, etc..). Everybody knows the iTunes with it's Music Store is a awesome app. They like it so much some will even copy it, add a little here and there and call it Songbird.

Sorry just looks like a iTunes wanna be. If it's something fresh & new, use your own ideas. Copying stuff like Microsoft does shows how un-imaginative you are. Open source or not.

Microsoft wants to follow now a days, not lead. Look how they now will have Motorola use Windows Media technology from Microsoft in a new range of music phones that would sell alongside its iTunes phone developed with Apple.

Microsoft is now trying to break into the digital media market with their Windows Media software which is incompatible with Apple's. So far the other music stores are failing, and doing this now just looks like a very steep uphill battle for Microsoft. Microsoft does have deals with both Nokia and Motorola, and they will need them both to compete with Apple in the moble music market.


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