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Monday, February 20, 2006

Mix Feeling on President's Day

While I set here on President's day, I read about the dumb ass site forums that are back up.
So my first feeling is pissed off that this crap site's forums are back up.
I'll just quote a post I made in the MacObserver:

"OSx86project's site is the slime that grows on the shit stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

Their poem back to Apple and posted for the world to read tells all. They can play blind and dumb if they want to. But we all know all they deal and promote with is a bunch of haxors who want a Intel version-OS they (when all this started) that they did not pay for to run on a dumb PC box.

All they did is play innocent when they saw Apple lawyers coming. The site is a just a "watercooler for hackers" as CNet posited. As they said "We welcome everyone. Hackers came (as we knew they would) but as long as they accepted the rules" Ya, the rules... just don't post the link here to the hack. But you can post a link to the Hackers site.

So I'm the get-away driver to a theft, but as long as I didn't go inside the store and take anything I'm innocent?. Try that with a judge."
I would post a link to their site and what they wrote, but I don't post crap here. :)

Tojan aimed at Mac Users
By the way, you want some real information about the tojan/malware called "the first Mac virus" in the media check out this article from MacWorld. My feeling? Helpful.

Think Secret is posting that
"Apple will roll out ProCare 2.0 at its retail stores this Tuesday[...]The collection of services, which costs $99 a year, includes Personal Training, Fast Track, Advanced Reservations, Yearly Tune-Up, and Complete Set Up.

Personal Training allows ProCare members to schedule free one-hour training sessions up to once per week. The training covers Apple hardware and software, although Pro Apps training will not be supported at all locations. Fast Track gives ProCare members priority repairs and access to the Genius Bar. Fast Track repairs are moved to top of the repair queue, and while this frequently will mean same-day or next-day repair, Apple is guaranteeing neither.

ProCare members will also be able to book reservations for the Genius Bar or Studio up to one week in advance online through the Concierge Web interface for their store. A new Yearly Tune-Up will also be offered to ProCare members once per year. The Tune-Up, which normally costs almost as much as the ProCare membership itself, involves a Mac Genius running anti-virus and disk repair utilities on the system, as well as other maintenance tasks.

Lastly, Complete Setup gives ProCare members the opportunity to have a Mac Genius transfer data from their old computer to their new Mac free of charge. The older system must be running Windows 98 or Mac OS 8.5 or later and have an Ethernet port.

Apple is setting attach rate goals of 20 percent for the new ProCare; that is, a store is expected to sell ProCare for at least 20 percent of customers who buy Macs.
My feelings? Meh, neutral.. we will see.

Severe Delusions and Intense Psychosis!
On Febuary 16, 2006 I posted about John C. Dvorak who thinks Apple will ditch Mac OS X for Microsoft's Windows. Well The Joy of Tech is also having some fun with that story. I leave you with my last feeling... Laughter and joy! :D


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