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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Say It Together, 1 Billion!

So here it is, the Big land mark, the Billonth song downloaded from the iTMS. The user? Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Michigan. As the grand prize winner he will recieve a 20-inch iMac, 10 fifth generation iPods and a $10,000 gift card good for any item on the iTunes Music Store. Plus Apple will establish a scholarship to the world-renowned Juilliard School of Music in his name to commemorate this milestone.

Well while we deal with all the hoopla and rumors of what may come on the 28th of this month, Apple it seems has began providing to its developers the first external pre-release builds of Mac OS X 10.4.6. The first seeds of Mac OS X 10.4.6 are builds Intel (build 8I1102) and PowerPC (build 8I109).

According to The Apple Insider:
"While the Intel build places emphasis on the ongoing improvements to the company's Rosetta emulation environment for Mac OS X for Intel, the remainder of the enhancements are common amongst both builds.

Specifically, Mac OS X 10.4.6 is said to focus on Automator, Bluetooth, Cocoa, Carbon, Core Graphics, graphics drivers, hard and optical disc management, .Mac, Printing and Safari.

The builds, which weigh in at approximately 131MB and 166MB in Combo Updater form, already include over four dozen enhancements and bug fixes over Mac OS X 10.4.5, which Apple released just last week."
We shall see if this update plugs the safari hole. But for now you can uncheck download "safe" files or/and install Safe Terminal. After Safe Terminal is installed, the Terminal utility will not execute any file, even if "Open safe files after download" option in Safari is enabled. However, the usage of the Terminal to type and run commands is not effected in any way.

While Apple closes this hole, Microsoft is ready to charge PC users to plug theres. Microsoft is a software company, and Bill gates is beginning to see another way to get money instead of giving it away to Norton or any other ani-virus, spam blocking, trojan /worm killing company.

According to C|net:
"not everyone is keen on the idea of paying Microsoft to help secure the products it created. Businesses, in particular, are questioning the move, Gartner analyst John Pescatore said."

"'Wait a minute--Microsoft's software is causing the problem, and now they want me to pay extra to fix the problem?'" Pescatore said, summing up the reaction of some corporations to Microsoft's move toward selling security software."
I can't help but giggle to myself when I think of 2 trojans/worms that need user interaction on the Mac OS and the mountain of viruses and other problem that the Microsoft's own OS is the cause of. But of coarse MS has already had to patch its' flagship upgrade Vista which addresses the same vulnerability that led to the WMF (Windows Metafile) malware attacks in January (a remote code execution flaw in the Graphics Rendering Engine).

Well I think the only thing Bill gates see's is the $15 billion in possible revenue he can gain. But I think he better try plugging the many holes in his OS new and old before trying to sell this to business and home consumers.

Oprah Says Use a PC !!

I was surprised, yes surprised when I saw this when I wanted to donate to Oprah's Katrina Homes online.
Hold on, one of the richest women in the world can't find web builders and programmers that can make a program to be able to collect money from mac users?? I don't want to mail money, that's why I have a computer! This is outright insane!

I first got note of this when a fellow mac user brought it up in a Mac forum. I thought to myself, this can't be true..... not Oprah!!

One mac user very upset, wrote a letter to Oprah's staff ( I don't think she reads them herself):
"Wow. That's absolutely malicious.

- It's downright discriminatory, since HTML is HTML whether it's on a Mac or on a PC. They actually had to code their website to detect the OS and then write an extra page to tell you that you can't donate.
- It's counterproductive, since it's stopping you from using the easy method of donating.

If I were you I would not only find some other organization to send my money to to assist, I would send a pissed-off letter to Oprah to protest her biased, discriminatory exclusion of the Mac communtiy's charitable contributions for a cause as important as helping the victims of Katrina. I'd also question her choice of web administrator and whether she knows that through her choice to employ someone who choses to code like that she's helping to oppress a minority - the Mac community.

I had absolutely no opinion of her website or of her charities before I heard of this. Now I'm not only determined to never donate a cent to anything she's involved in, I'm going to spread this to as many Mac users as I can."
Hmm, sounds like Oprah "oppresses a minority". So the minority (in this case Mac users) who fact has proven Mac users make more money and are smarter are left to mailing (snail mail) because of some laziness. I know money can't be the reason. Because we all know she has buckets full.

When my son and I where on the show a few years ago ( my son saved my life), I thought I saw a woman with compassion for all, to make things eaiser for all. But trying to search on I could not type anything in the first time, I had to use Firefox just to be able to type in for a search (re-loading the page in Safari 2 times for me finally did the trick).

So I guess Oprah, when people are not looking and there's no TV show ratings to worry about you have to be the majority to get access.

How Sad, But she has a partner... well sort of (google atleast lets you run theirs in Firefox). Google's Web Page Creator has been launched without Apple Safari support. It seems when you launch the web page creater you get this error

Well Google I found a comic from Wulffmorgenthaler that made me laugh after seeing that error.

I'm Maxxuss I'm a Theif! Let Me Prove It To You
I'll just post a qoute from his site that says it all:
"Mirror Sites are up!
February 22nd, 2006
For a start, I’ve set up some mirrors of the original contents as of Feb, 21st. The mirrors will have the contents and links as usual. Do not bookmark the mirrors, as they are also temporary (since not ad-free). If you have any safe webspace, just PM at

However, I will not link patches etc in this blog, just textual announcements and general information. So hopefully, it would be easier to hotlink it. I have also put a safety-net in-place: will be a pointer to this blog, no matter if it will move again."

Sounds like a thief on the run to me.

I Don't Know How to Review
Some people want to run and be the first to review. They knew from MacWorld in January that programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe and even Apple's own Pro Apps would be working under Rosetta. So why PC Review would post a lower review on the Intel-baced iMac vs the G5 Based iMac and blame that lower score was because of Rosetta?

How the hell do all these people get hired and payed to do these piss poor reports and reviews? You can't rate a computer you know (at this time) is not running this software natively. The computer is not slower, the software is not ready. It's not the computers fault? So why not rate it with the software it can run natively?

I just wonder, when they do finally run natively will you boost the score? This review was a waste of time. A 76... pfft.

With the 28th just around the corner you know somebody had to post a so-called new product Apple will unvail.

This is a Nokia N80i with iTunes. Ya, we shall see, I'm guessing.. not!

But you do get to see a lot of Photoshop users at work!


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