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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Things To Look For

Well today I was surfing and found a few things to look out for. As you all know there have been rumors about Apple possibly making a tablet. Well this video shows several images showing some of the touch screen patents that Apple owns.It contains some interesting footage on just how these patents could be used and also shows what you could possible do with it.

The Power6
IBM it seems is kicking speed bumps high, like up to 6GHz in their labs. IBM thinks that some process technology breakthroughs have allowed them to kick the frequency higher while still keeping heat and power consumption issues under control. All told, IBM claims that Power6 will be twice as fast as competing server processors from Intel, AMD and Sun Microsystems.

IBM claims to have made major performance gains by stretching and squeezing silicon and using insulation techniques.Internal IBM roadmaps once showed that the chip might arrive in 2006, But a mid 2007 delivery date looks most likely.

Oxford Analytica:Apple Broadcasts Into The Future
Apple has been doing great with getting the iPod & iTunes to help get new users to the Mac platform. Yesterday Apple said its iTunes Music Store had sold 12 million videos. Recently networks even began crediting iTunes with increasing viewership.

Now Oxford Analytica has some opinions to express:

"Over the past 18 months, Apple Computer has introduced the concept of podcasting on an enormous scale. While in itself this was not a new method for delivering digital content over the Internet, when combined with growth in the popularity of Apple hardware and the success of its iTunes software, it may signal a shift in the market for digital entertainment and home computing.

The iPod has helped Apple recover from a battle it largely lost with Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) and the PC industry. While it accounts for only around 5% of desktop and laptop users, the popularity of the iPod may fuel rising demand for its other systems. Podcasting is possible with both PCs and Apple computers. However, Apple systems are likely to become increasing popular for home users for various of reasons:

-- Security issues that have plagued Microsoft in recent years tend not to affect Apple software.

-- Apple has always led the way in the design of computer hardware and software.

-- Apple's design approach ensures ease of use and hardware/software compatibility for consumers.

Competition for the iPod may come from a number of quarters:

-- Sellers of competing MP3 players have caught on to the design appeal Apple offers and have redesigned their products, with varying degrees of success.

-- More serious competition comes from mobile-phone manufacturers, who already offer music and limited video content to users.

Competition is likely to intensify in this market, and Apple's continued success and growth will depend on its ability to access the home-entertainment market.

Technological changes, sophisticated timing and branding, and increased consumer receptiveness to high-quality designs of hardware and software have fueled Apple's resurgence. Continued innovation is likely. The interest in podcasting will only increase Apple's market share in the coming years."

Apple also helps out while bring new things to your living room, Apple's iTunes is offering a new exclusive single to raise money for victicms of hurricane Katrina. On Tuesday, Apple began promoting a new Exclusive Charity EP by members of REM (Michael Stipe) and Coldplay.

"Michael Stipe and special guests including Chris Martin of Coldplay and Justin Timberlake have re-recorded Joseph Arthur's song "In the Sun," and the only place you'll find it is on iTunes. All the proceeds from sales of this exclusive EP will be donated to the In The Sun Foundation, which was established by Stipe for the purpose of helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina."

Of coarse some always look for flaws in Apple or OSX. I'm skeptical when I see people say something and are unwilling to give there names.

Board Games
For those who like to play board games on your computer, Freeverse updated Big Bang Board Games to version 2.2.3 as a Universal Binary. This updates Big Bang Checkers, Big Bang Chess, Big Bang Backgammon and Big Bang Mancala so that they can be run on Intel Macs.

Big Bang Board Games are recipients of an Apple Design Award, and integrate fully with GameSmith, iTunes, Mail & Address Book, iChat and your iSight camera.
You can download them here.

It's Wednesday! Time to tune into You Mac Life! This week on Your Mac Life,Etymotics, "Where is Ben?" & an iPod nano Prize!"

Dr Mead Killion is the Founder of Etymotics Research. Etymotics has developed and patented some of the most innovative hearing technology available today. Their products are used worldwide by scientists, hearing practitioners, hearing-impaired consumers, professional and amateur musicians, and others who insist on superior sound quality. Dr Killion will talk about how their products work and Your Mac Life will have a set of Etymotics' earphones to give away to a lucky listener!

Ben Willmore describes himself as a "traveling Photoshop hack". He is so much more than that. Instructor, author, trainer and Inductee into the Photoshop Hall of Fame, Ben will be on Your Mac Life to talk about his latest adventure - selling everything he owns and traveling the US by motor coach for the next 2 years. Tune in tonight to hear how and why.

Your Mac Life's Graphics Guru, Lesa Snider of will be on to talk about her Graphics Tip of the Week.

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